Happy Wednesday! Shalia did a poll in stories, but I would love to read your stories here….Have you ever been duped on an order? Shalia wanted a pair of UGG Bailey boots but they were sold out everywhere. She found a really good deal online (some random website) and ordered them. When they came in they smelled weird. She went to the mall to smell other UGG boots/shoes to see if they smelled the same 😂😂. About a week later, the button broke off and that’s when she knew for sure that she had been duped. That story (on stories) made me laugh out loud! Here is my story…I once ordered a concrete cleaner attachment that goes on a pressure washer from a random online ad. I was charged but never received a receipt or email and the attachment never came. Now looking back, why did I want a concrete cleaning attachment when I had a pressure washer that pretty much did the same thing 🤷🏽‍♀️😂? It was probably one of my late night online shopping purchases. #icantonlineshopafter9pm

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