Best sellers from the week: Halloween home decor, fur slide slippers, oversized square sunglasses, wide-leg raw hem jeans, Halloween crew neck sweatshirt, Halloween coffee mug, and long sleeve white tee.

Commissionable links
Gus the Ghost Pillow | Pottery Barn (US)
Women's Annika Single Band Fur Slide Slippers - Stars Above™ | Target
Women's Tortoise Shell Oversized Square Sunglasses - A New Day™ Brown | Target
Taylor High Waist Rigid Wide Leg Raw Hem Jeans | Nordstrom
Bad and Boo-Jee Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt | Black on White | Spooky Season Shirt, Halloween Shir... | Etsy (US)
Halloween Mugs OMG I'm Like Literally Dead Skeleton | Etsy | Etsy (US)
White | Nordstrom