I used to never really care about skincare but now it’s a necessary part of my day. The 5 minutes of my day, purely for me. Two tips I’m trying to implement: 1. Don’t put serums on your hands first — put it on your face and then dab it in. Your hands can soak in the good stuff before it reaches your face. I forget all the time and realize as soon as it gets to my face so I’m still a work in progress 😂 2. I got a facial a few months ago and my esthetician recommended upward massaging while putting products on to help with aging skin so I’ve been doing that regularly and it feels so good. 3. Using clean skincare is >>>>>> products used: @tula (WITHDRISH), @livetinted (JOURNEYWITHDRISH20), @aavrani (DRISH15) @oathmd (DRISH10)


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