Birdies shoes are 30% off The starling was my first pair and the most comfortable Crane is a ballet flat and took 2 wears to break in the heel The Swan is the open back slide and the footbed is incredibly comfortable (as is the case with all birdies) linking the colors/styles I have here I find their shoes to run Tts #LTKCyberWeek


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The Crane - Silver Leather | BIRDIES
The Starling - Doe Velvet | BIRDIES
The Swan - Black Jacquard Beaded Cuff | BIRDIES
The Crane - Espresso Embossed Leather | BIRDIES
The Crane - Fawn Suede | BIRDIES
The Swan - Golden Oak | BIRDIES
The Starling - Taupe Leather | BIRDIES