Sulwhasoo, kbeauty, skincare routine sulwhasoo_partner I’ve used—yes that’s how you say it—for years and am excited to put this 4-step k-beauty skincare regimen on your radar as the season changes. Start with the First Care Activating Serum which is the result of 23 years of research and is a Sulwhasoo bestseller that improves the look of lines and wrinkles for a glass skin glow. Next, I press a few drops of the Essential Comfort Balancing Water onto my face (don’t forget the neck!); it absorbs quickly and helps to balance my skin. The Essential Comfort Balancing Emulsion is lightweight and brilliant. It leaves my skin looking velvety and luminous and ready for the final step…which is the Essential Comfort Firming Cream. I warm the cream up with fingertips and use lifting motions to apply. This rich and fluffy formula improves the look of elasticity for an extra bouncy result. That makes me extra ready for makeup! The proprietary JAUM Moisturizing ComplexTM, which includes Mountain yam extract, Hawthorn berry extract, Jujube berry extract, Arrowroot flower extract, Mulberry leaf extract, makes this formula extremely effective for a fresh, firm, dewy complexion. I hope you enjoyed this process and it was my joy to share…let me know if you have any questions! xx #beautyprofessor #sulwhasoo #firstcareactivatingserum #kbeauty #kskincare #4stepskincare #skincareroutine #onyourradar

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